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A lot of changes have taken place in the past decade. Virtual Splat comprises with the new technology & provides server-based Internet applications for delivering to Web browsers. It enables to give you the complete package which provides a complete suite of functionality and integrate fully with structured and unstructured corporate data holdings.

  • A suite of ready products that are constantly evolving under the care of product management teams.
  • A support system, which continuously records client feedback to ensure timely implementation of customization.
  • A database group, which regularly updates & maintains large media databases.
  • An R&D team which investigates new / emerging technology.
  • A software development team that develops new software products.
  • A web designing, user interface design and content authoring group.
  • A hardware/ systems/ Internet group which offers solutions in networking & managed services.
  • A sales group.

Virtual Splat intentions are to provide quality services using State of the Art Technology for business process outsourcing.

Advertising media is an extremely difficult commodity to price. Virtual Splat's Classified Advertising software, provides interactive & versatile database, with the efficiency of having most powerful customized package.

Virtual Splat offers a software that suite for the media operations of Advertising agencies. Classified advertising systems are used by media researchers, media buyers, planners and client accounting staff at ad agencies, buying organizations, and major advertisers & the Virtual Splat's database sufficiently fits as the crowning glory with regular database updates, & has enabled many advertising agencies across the country, to completely automate all media & commercial operations. Virtual Splat increases efficiency, gives the company competitive edge & is cost effective.

Every Publications have three categories of inserting the advertisements: Classified, Display & Classified Display.

Virtual Splat's Classified Advertising software, implies the best feature with the strategy of making a versatile package. The software manages to add new publications at any period of time & customize minor or major publications. Classified Advertising software is a versatile package, which includes publication, edition, category, position, display, classified display, classified and reprint's, as well as rate card, pagination, marketing, sales force automation, release order, billing, accounts receivable, contracts, layouts. Also Virtual Splat's Classified Advertising software provides the end user's required package, as per their customization & diversities required. Above all Virtual Splat's provides cost effective package.

Just a single software solution, will definitely solve your multiple & day-to-day manual & hectic calculations & which is a long time process, in your advertising agency. With this self-managed, Classified Advertising software, you will improve the business practice.

Taking customers order for one insertion in the newspaper for first time is easy as it is his requirement, but convincing the same customers for multiple insertions if he requires, would be possible if provided with the best price & with regular & various schemes upgraded frequently. But doing all this manually has been always a hectic schedule, to overcome with it, Virtual Splat provides you with an efficient & strategic Classified Advertising software with its best feature to get your work done on your fingertips.

The heart of the Virtual Splat's Classified Advertising software is to provide you with the "Rate Card Module" & "Release Order Module" in its best customized package, with the mathematical computations involved. As the mathematical computations that were automated, relieves you from recalculating the cost involved for the ad, in case of any minute change in any of the fields.

Virtual Splat's - Potentials
We have provided our Classified Advertising software, to many clients who wants to sell their products or services online. We are the solutions to any business, who deals with versatile & customized jobs. We have the potential to provide our software for many clients like Advertising Agencies, Publications, Media Buyers, Television Channels, Radio Stations, Newspapers & Magazines & Corporate Advertisers, Market Research Agencies, Production houses, Associations, Attorneys, Personals, Auto, Micro-Sites and Events.
The core of any ad agency, automates all functions from planning, estimating, approval & releases to billing, bill matching & posting to accounts. The Classified Advertising software is to handle all types of ads that could be placed in a newspaper. The software is flexible enough to store all relevant information in terms of word count, verifying with, a daily, weekly or fortnightly edition, the rate card for the ad, schemes involved which was database designed generated to facilitate user-friendliness, and even minute details such as the font size and name etc, could be stored.
With value adds like the rates database & media company specific outputs, Virtual Splat's has evolved to be the defacto media operations standard for ad agencies.

Virtual Splat has developed a range of software products for the industry to enable better communication and online document exchange within the community. Virtual Splat also maintains an exhaustive media database of many publications, many channels broadcast in the country, many Radio stations and many Outdoor sites. All, with the help, of active collaboration & of media owners and sellers.

Also the Publishers can now use their existing in-house print and pagination systems to port their advertiser content to the web. Integrates with existing or third party applications via shared database tables, external APIs, FTP scripting, ASCII ,and custom XML.

Virtual Splat Benefits you with :
The above described features, of the Virtual Splat 's Classified Advertising software, have been explained to just be user friendly to not only, all the users who are regular on the web, but also for the users who are new on the web. The intention to be specific, interactive, is to let you know that "Virtual Splat" tries to give the best solution of all your queries & is reliable for the same as mentioned.

This below listed modules will be the step-by-step accessible modular program.

Company module is the first & foremost module wherein without logged in this module you cannot further access or even view the software. Any company or firm is registered & all the required data has to be therefore entered in the given fields.

  • Publication Group Master
  • Publication Master
  • Category Master
  • Edition Master
  • Position Master
  • Publication Edition Relation Master
  • State/Language Master
  • Rate card Master
    • Classified.
    • Classified Display.
    • Display.
    • Position.
    • Other Charges
  • Client Master
  • Daily Reports
  • Schedule Date To
  • R.O Date from
  • R.O Date To
  • R.O No
  • Group Name
  • Publication Name
  • Client
  • Sub client
  • Print button

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