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At Virtual Splat, we believe in providing precise and user-friendly solutions. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, trader, or retailer, we can automate your company with a cost-effective, customized ERP solution. With 18 years of experience, we've served various industries, assisting customers in niche operations.

About Us
Experienced Experts Leading Our Virtual Splat Company
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Latest Projects

TATA Himalayan Mineral Water's supply chain using Virtual Splat ERP software.

Mineral Water Manufacturer

TATA Himalayan Mineral water's entire supply chain was automated by our ERP. The software was used by all their branches and also by their Distributors and Retailers.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Computer Hardware Dealer & Retailers

Computer Hardware Dealers and Retailers

Customized Inventory Software helps Computer Hardware business to streamline their buy sell process. The software also covers service department management.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Jewelry Retail Industry

Jewellery Retailer

Complete solution for Jewellery Retailer. Right from Barcoding each piece to maintaining inventory and accounts. Bill adjustment and Bill Splitting is the core functionality of the software.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Inverter and Battery Industry

Inverter and Battery Industry

India's biggest Battery and Inverter company, Microtek and Okaya, took entire business operations on web with our ERP Solution. From Manufacturing to Distribution to Retail tracking and even after sales service was covered in the software.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Car Accessories Industry

Car Accessories Retailer

A trend setter in Car Accessories each and every process is automated. Their 29+ stores are 100% online integrating their website and ChatBot.
Recent Work

Plywood Manufacturers

The challenge of defining a product with multiple parameters is perfectly handled by software. ERP modules consist Order Management, Discounts and Scheme, Inventory, Production and Accounts management.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Switch Manufacturer

Switch Manufacturers

The web application made for Goldmedal Electricals Switches help them align their inventory production with market demands. The software give detailed analytical reports which help in production planning and distribution.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Plastic Insulated Manufacturers

Plastic Insulated Manufacturers

Software made for Asian Plastoware, one of the biggest plastic product manufacturer in India, helps them to negotiate with clients. The software helps them to do micro level calculation on cost.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Handle Industry

Brass Handle Manufacturer

Glitters International got perfect solution by our online inventory software which helps them to manage their production with different job workers.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Kiosk Machine

Kiosk Machine Manufacturer

With detailed BOM and well defined process. It was possible for Aurionpro Solutions Limited to always have ideal inventory of raw material. The software also helps them to cut cost on wastage.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Garment Industry

Garment Manufacturer and Exporter

The challenge of constantly creating new design and struggling with inventory in market, Heena Fashion is able to maintain perfect balance with ERP Software.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Valve Manufacturer and Exporter

Valve Manufacturer and Exporter

We helped Agra Engineering to manage their purchase and sales inventory. The challenge was to deal with thousands of parts and constantly updating inventory position.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Soft Home Furnishings Manufacturers & Exporters

Soft Home Furnishings Manufacturers & Exporters

The software helps ELITE INTERNATIONAL to manage their inventory of Quilts and Curtains with complete BOM.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Cap Sealing and Welding Machine Manufacturer

Cap Sealing and Welding Machine Manufacturer

Electronics Devices Worldwide is able to increase their production capacity with the Customized ERP Software we have developed. The software handles their Order Management, BOM, Store Management, Production Planning and Purchase Planning.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Filling Machine Manufacturer

Filling Machine Manufacturers

Spanpak System a leading company in Assembly Line Production was able to manage their entire raw material inventory in click with our Customized Inventory Software.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Iron Industry

Iron Sponge Manufacturer

The Store Management Software helps Vision Sponge to maintain their consumption of chemicals. The Web Application helps them the track store inventory at Rack, Row and Column level in their storeroom.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Nasaka Water Purifier Manufacturer

Water Purifier Manufacturer

Nasaka water purifier's complete service management is handles by our customized web application. This helps them to maintain their TAT and keep them ahead in competition.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Glass Door Hardware Fitting And Sliding Window Bearings

Glass Door Hardware Fitting and Sliding Window Bearings

Customized Manufacturing Software helps Sliding Window Bearing to cut production cost. The software also keep track of demand supply in row material and production planning.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Pickle Industry

Pickle and Spices Manufacturer and Exporter

This Online Inventory Software, specially made for Pickle & Spices Manufacturers, helps them to control production wastage. Now Spectrum Food Products, SMC Masale, Vinayak Foods Group are able to calculate profit per gram.
Recent Work

Iron and Steel Manufacturer

Karma Ispat was able to track each task and event with the customized software we developed for them. This reduces the pressure on their team and the performance was always on top.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Gift Gallery or Gifting Industry

Gift Articles Manufacturer

Red Moments a well known name in customized gifts was able to manage their orders and dispatch with our customized solution.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Pump and Valves Industry

Pumps and Values Manufacturer

This customized manufacturing software helps Fluorolined Equipment and Investa Pumps to manage their raw material in making pumps and valves. The software has BOM management for smooth purchase planning.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Aluminium Industry

Aluminium Conductor Manufacturer

The software made for JSK Industries helps them to manage their projects in different sites.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Die Cast Lubricants, Forging Lubricants, & Hydraulic Fluids Manufacturers

Die Cast Lubricants, Forging Lubricants & Hydraulic Fluids Manufacturer

Lubrikote Specialities is able to manage their sales team and track their sales orders with the software we have provided. The software is also linked with SAP.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Mattress Manufacturers

Mattress Manufacturers

Complete production cycle of Mattress is managed by the software. This gives Pyarelal Foams Industries a 360 degree view of their cost and inventory. The ERP software is also used by their distributors and retailers.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Paper Trader

Paper Mill & Books Manufacturer

BINDALS PAPERS MILLS sales team can now take orders on their mobile app. The ERP software help the books manufacturer to plan production process as per demand.
Virtual Splat Customized ERP Software for Printer Industries


Shree Pack Industries increased their production accuracy to 99% by using the Customized ERP Software. The software helps them to streamline complete production process within short time.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Cosmetic, Beauty, and Personal Care Manufacturer

Cosmetics, Beauty and Personal Care Manufacturer

Sai Samartha Cosmetics India got this customized erp for their cosmetic business. This software helps them to manage orders from their sales team and also to manage their production process.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for FMCG Retailers

FMCG Retailer (Super Market)

The Customized Retail Software helps super market to manage their inventory and do faster billing. The software also tracks shelf life of product by barcode and batch management.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Garment Manufacturer and Exporter

Garment & Fashion Retailers

Hastkala chain of garments store can now track each and every piece by barcodes. The software helps their sales team to manage the ever changing trends of fashion and plan their schemes accordingly.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Furniture Importer and Exporter

Furniture Importer and Retailer

The furniture retailer with the help our customized erp software can track all additional expense and manage accurate profit. The web application also helps them to manage inventory at multiple warehouses and showrooms.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Stationary & Gift Retailer

Stationary & Gift Retailer

With our customized ERP. Stationary and Gift retailer can easily maintain thousands of SKU inventory. The software runs on barcode and keep track of each and every piece independently.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Electronics Stores

Electronics Retailers and Wholesalers

This ERP Software is made exclusively for retailers and Wholesaler of white goods. The software manage the entire supply chain management right from ordering from manufacturers to serving the end customer after sales.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Kitchen Appliances Industry

Kitchen Appliances Distribution

Wonderchef (Chef Sanjeev Kapoor) was able to kick start their business with referral program develop by us. The software helped them reach directly to the end customers who also becomes their salesman. The software was design to serve each stake holders.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Whey Protein Importer

Isolate / Whey Protein Importer

Protein powder distributor used our custom made software for inventory and billing process. The software helped them track complete business operations till balance sheet.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Gold Coin Distributors

Gold Coin Distributors

Bonanza Portfolio we able to manage their Gold Coin Distribution business by our customized ERP software. They were able to make maximum profit even after frequently changing of gold prices with software.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Cardboard Manufacturer

Cardboard Distributors

When Crescent Cardboard USA came to India, we provided them complete solution for their distribution business. The software manage their orders, import, sales, taxation, accounts etc.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Electric Components Distributors

Electric Components Distributors

UC Micro Systems were able to manage their raw material inventory with the customized inventory software.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Chemical Importer

Chemical Importer

Mascot Universal got customized solution for their entire chemical distribution business. The software helped them to manage batchwise inventory, product shelf life and excise duty calculations.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Mobile or Cell Phone Distributors

Cell Phone Distributors

The mobile distribution company was able to track each and every piece of mobile by its IMEI number with our customized solution.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Olive Oil Distributors

Olive Oil Importer / Distributors

With more then 200 salesman team, Figaro Olive Oil in India were having complete control on their sales channel. The ERP software and mobile app was used for different sales channels and also by their distributors.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Biotech Distributor

Science and Diagnostic Product Distributors

The Biotech company with more then 4 Lakh products and with sensitive product shelf life were able to manage their entire business by our easy to use custom made ERP.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Fabric Distributors

Fabric Distributors

Mafatlal Menzzo brand was able to manage their inventory of fabrics by design, color, piece, meter and bale number. Complete automated solution with barcode.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Marine Services & Trading Company

Marine Service and Trading Company

Globetech Services (UK) and Palco Marine Services (Singapore) reduced their procurement time and efforts because of the custom software developed for Marine Service Industry.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Ball Bearing Distributor

Ball Bearing Distributor

FAG Distributors, Premier Bearing India, can do one click easy Excise Calculation by our inventory software. The software covers all business process from inquiry to balance sheet.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Electricity Distribution

Electricity Distributor

Feedback Energy Distribution Company got custom ERP solution for their electricity distribution at multiple sites in Odisha.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Paper Distributor

Paper Trader

Wallpaper traders are not making more profits by streamlining their supply chain of papers with our custom solution.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Trusteeship Company

Trusteeship Company

With the help of Technology and business knowledge in Trusteeship Industry, we are the only software company in India providing solution in this category. The ERP Software is used by all top 6 Trusteeship companies in India.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for NGO Foundation

NGO Foundation

ICICI Foundation used our custom software to drive their campaign in rural Maharashtra. The software was designed to handle huge data but also in native language to make it more accessible.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

Customer having retail shop in 5 different islands of Maldives got perfect software online solution. The critical inventory management becomes easy when each store is only accessible by 15 days.
Virtual Splat ERP Software for Bullion Market

Bullion Market

We developed software for bullion company to manage their orders with multiple sites and gold inventory.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Films Promotions and Marketing Company

Films Promotions and Marketing Company

Customized solution developed for one of the biggest Film promotion company in India.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Courier Cargo Services

Courier and Cargo Company

Biggest courier company in Mumbai, Vichare Courier, is able to keep promise by delivering courier on time. The software is used by 700+ users, 2000+ delivery boys (mobile app), 150+ branches and database size more then 1 TB.
Recent Work

Equity Market Consultant

The software generates 100+ reports based on the daily equity market data. This helped our customer makes profit on daily basis.
Virtual Splat ERP Software for Construction Company

Construction Company

Store Management software was provided to construction company for maintaining consumables at multiple sites.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Marketing Company

Marketing Company

Marketing company got software for promoting and selling gift vouchers in middle east countries.
Entire Charitable Trust activity managed by Virtual Splat Customized Software

Charitable Trust

Entire Charitable Trust activities, from communication to execution, is managed by our customized software.
Research Company managed by Virtual Splat Customized Software

Research Company

Covidien Engineering Services were able to track their research work with store management on our custom software.
Recent Work

Logistics And Warehousing

Expeditors International entire Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable with Bank Reconciliation at all branches are managed by customized software.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Vastu Consultant

Vastu Consultant

To promote their vastu services, we developed software which can handle their referral program.
Virtual Splat ERP Solution for Waste Management

Waste Management

Tracking manpower, calculating waste and house keeping services with their payroll are handled by our custom solution.

Our Services

Customized ERP Development Services for Your Business Needs

Customized ERP Development Services

Get your business into full speed towards growth by having customized ERP. This will give you an edge in competition.

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Mobile Application Services

Do business with complete FREEDOM. Have a powerful, easy and quick mobile application for your team.

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Outsource Development Services

Get you software done with the best team in the industry with our patented framework. Less time, more output and faster updates.

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WhatsApp API Services

Link your business with WhatsApp. This will provide you flexibility to access your business information any where any time in seconds.


ERP software development stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a process of creating customized software solutions to streamline and automate business processes. It is crucial for businesses as it enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs, and provides a centralized platform for data management.

Virtual Splat is a leading software development company in India with 23+ years of expertise. We specialize in ERP customization, offering cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs. Our focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the best ERP software development company.

Virtual Splat excels in customized software development, ensuring our solutions fit your unique requirements perfectly. Our ERP customization services are known for being adaptable, cost-effective, and seamlessly integrated into your existing processes.

ERP software plays a crucial role in supply chain management by optimizing processes, improving inventory control, and enhancing communication between different stages of the supply chain. It ensures real-time data visibility, leading to better decision-making and streamlined operations.

Virtual Splat's ERP solutions cater to a diverse range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, and services. Our expertise lies in creating customized software that addresses specific industry needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and ease of use.

Yes, Virtual Splat's ERP software is designed to meet international standards and can be customized to align with global business practices. We have a track record of serving clients across 50 countries, ensuring our solutions are adaptable to diverse business environments.

Security is a top priority at Virtual Splat. Our ERP software development follows industry best practices for data protection and privacy. We implement robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive business information and ensure compliance with data security regulations.

Absolutely. Our ERP software is designed for seamless integration with other business applications, providing a unified platform for data management. This ensures a holistic approach to business operations and enhances overall efficiency.

Virtual Splat's ERP development services are beneficial for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service providers. Whether you're a large enterprise or a growing business, our customized solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Virtual Splat is committed to 100% client satisfaction. We prioritize client needs, offer transparent communication throughout the development process, and provide ongoing support. Our aim is to build long-term relationships by delivering high-quality, cost-effective ERP solutions.

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